Mandarin Playground was founded by Harvard graduates in January 2017. Mandarin Playground offers Chinese language arts programs for 3-15 year old children who may or may not speak Chinese at home.


Our mission is to become a valuable resource for educators and parents seeking effective Chinese language arts instructions, and to enhance their children’s communication skills and empathy through two means: on-site enrichment programs at schools and online courses at our virtual academy.


We aim to enhance cultural competence and global awareness among children in North America in the next three years. We seek to be the recognized global leader in Chinese instruction and learning within the next five years.


On-site enrichment programs at schools: Mandarin Playground offers unique after-school programs entitled ‘Fun with Mandarin.’ ‘Fun with Mandarin for heritage learners’ is offered to children who speak Mandarin at home. ‘Fun with Mandarin for non-heritage learners’ will be offered to children who do not speak Mandarin at home. Each session is tailored for optimal learning, fun, and effectiveness. Our instructors are passionate teachers beloved by Chinese and English Language Learners. They holds a Washington State Residency Teacher Certificates and China Teacher Certificates. ‘Fun with Mandarin’ features:

·         Unique curriculum developed by researchers in bilingualism

·         Interactive learning

·         Themed physical games for total physical responses

·         Opportunity for students to practice language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and drawing/writing/tracing pictographs*) and social skills (leadership, communication, and team work). *Note: Pictographs are the earliest known form of writing, examples having been discovered in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China from before 3000 BC.


Online courses at a virtual academy: Mandarin Playground offers online sessions between 4pm-8pm PST from Monday to Sunday all year round. Programs range from PreK-12. Each program has two sessions per week, 30-min sessions for young students, and 60-min sessions for older students. If you’d like to take a free trial class, please contact us via Wechat (ID: mandarinplayground1).