Mandarin Playground was founded by Harvard graduates in January 2017. Mandarin Playground offers Chinese language learning programs for 3-15 year old children who may or may not speak Chinese at home.


Our mission is to become a valuable resource for educators and parents seeking effective Chinese language arts instructions, and to enhance their children’s communication skills and empathy through two means: on-site enrichment programs at schools and online courses at our virtual academy.


We aim to enhance cultural competence and global awareness among children in North America in the next three years. We seek to be the recognized global leader in Chinese instruction and learning within the next five years.


On-site enrichment programs at schools: Mandarin Playground offers unique after-school programs entitled ‘Fun with Mandarin.’ ‘Fun with Mandarin for heritage learners’ is offered to children who speak Mandarin at home. ‘Fun with Mandarin for non-heritage learners’ will be offered to children who do not speak Mandarin at home. Each session is tailored for optimal learning, fun, and effectiveness. Our instructors are passionate teachers beloved by Chinese and English Language Learners. They holds a Washington State Residency Teacher Certificates and China Teacher Certificates. ‘Fun with Mandarin’ features:

·         Unique curriculum developed by researchers in bilingualism

·         Interactive learning

·         Themed physical games for total physical responses

·         Opportunity for students to practice language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and drawing/writing/tracing pictographs*) and social skills (leadership, communication, and team work). *Note: Pictographs are the earliest known form of writing, examples having been discovered in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China from before 3000 BC.


Online courses at a virtual academy: Mandarin Playground offers online sessions between 4pm-8pm PST from Monday to Sunday all year round. Programs range from PreK-12. Each program has two sessions per week, 30-min sessions for young students, and 60-min sessions for older students. If you’d like to take a free trial class, please contact us via Wechat (ID: mandarinplayground1).

    Available courses


    1.  学习注意倾听,理解日常用语。

    2.  学习用普通话大胆、清楚地说出自己想说的事。

    3.  学习欣赏文学作品,乐意表达自己的感受。能口齿清楚地朗诵儿歌和学习复述故事。

    4.  学习有顺序地看图书,乐意与同伴交流图书的主要内容,乐意将熟悉的内容与同伴交流。

    5.  认识150汉字。读20多本适龄绘本。会背2-3古诗。20多副写字作品。

    Course objectives:

    1. Learn to listen carefully and understand daily language.

    2. Learn to express in Mandarin in a way of confidence and clearly.

    3. Learn to appreciate literary works and be willing to express their feelings. Be able to recite the nursery rhymes clearly and learn to retell stories.

    4. Learn to read books from beginning, be willing to exchange the main content of the book with their peers, and be willing to communicate familiar content with their peers.

    5. Know 150 Chinese characters. Read more than 20 picture books of appropriate age. Be able to remember 2-3 Tang Poems. Create more than 20 writing works.






    5.  认识350个汉字,能读30多本适龄绘本。会背 5-8首古诗。复述故事。30多副写字作品。

    Course objectives:

    1. Be able to listen carefully and understand complex terms.

    2. Be able to express in Mandarin in a way of confidence and clearly. Be willing to communicate with other people in Mandarin and be able to use polite language.

    3. Be able to read nursery rhymes and retell stories independently.

    4. Learn to read books and be willing to exchange and discuss information collected from books, TV, or radio.

    5. Know 350 Chinese characters and be able to read more than 30 picture books of appropriate age. Be able to remember 5-8 Tang poems and retell stories . Create more than 30 writing works.





    4.  认识150个汉字。读10多本适龄绘本。会唱2-4首儿歌。10多副画字作品。

    Course objectives:

    1. Learn to listen to others quietly. Understand daily language and learn to adjust children’s behaviors by language.

    2. Learn Mandarin and be willing to communicate with people in Mandarin. Be able to answer other people's questions in a simple way and express their wishes and needs.

    3. Like to read nursery rhymes, listen to stories, watch performances, read books, etc., and get a preliminary understanding of their general content, and are willing to express their feelings.

    4. Know 150 Chinese characters. Read more than 10 picture books of appropriate age. Be able to sing 2-4 nursery rhymes. Create more than 10 pictograph drawing works.



    1,  学会汉语拼音,能读准声母,韵母,声调和整体认读音节,能准确拼读音节。

    2,  能借助汉语拼音识字,正音,学说普通话


    1,  喜欢学习汉字,有主动识字的愿望。

    2,  认识常用汉字400个,会写其中的100

    3,  掌握汉字的基本笔画,按笔顺规则写字。


    1,  喜欢阅读,感受阅读的乐趣。

    2,  学习用普通话正确,流利的朗读课文。

    3,  学习借助读物中的图画阅读

    4,  对读物中感兴趣的内容,乐于与其他人交流。


    1,  学说普通话,逐步养成说普通话的习惯

    2,  了解讲话的内容

    3,  能与别人交谈,态度自然大方,有礼貌。

    4,  有表达的自信心。积极参加口语交际,踊跃发表自己的意见。


    Course objectives:

    1.    Chinese Pinyin

    1.1.  Learn Chinese Pinyin. Be able to read the consonants, finals, tones and the overall syllables. Be able to read syllables accurately.

    1.2.  Be able to read through using Chinese Pinyin with accurate pronunciation.

    2.    Literacy and writing

    2.1.  Like to learn Chinese characters and have the desire to actively learn literate.

    2.2.  Know 400 commonly used Chinese characters and be able to write 100 of 400.

    2.3.  Master the basic strokes of Chinese characters and be able to write according to the rules of stroke order.

    3.    Reading

    3.1.  Like to read and enjoy the pleasure of reading.

    3.2.  Learn to read the text correctly and fluently in Mandarin.

    3.3.  Learn to read with the help of pictures in the reading.

    3.4.  Be interested in the content of books and be willing to communicate with others.

    4.    Oral communication

    4.1.  Learn to gradually develop a practice of speaking Mandarin.

    4.2.  Understand the content of dialogues.

    4.3.  Be able to communicate with others in Mandarin with natural and polite attitudes.

    4.4.  Have confidence in expression. Actively participate in oral communication and enthusiastically express their opinions.




    3、识字写字:准确认读 250个 生字。会默写出150个生字。能按笔顺正确书写、默写生字。能按字的结构把字写端正、匀称。




    Course objectives:

    1. Studying practices: cultivate the practices of reading and reciting outside the classroom.

    2. Chinese Pinyin: continue on strengthening Chinese Pinyin and be able to use Chinese Pinyin to help literacy, reading, and learning Mandarin. Be able to understand capital letters and to remember the "Chinese Pinyin Alphabet."

    3. Literacy: be able to accurately know and read 250 new words and be able to write 150 new words. Be able to write or dictate the words correctly according to the stroke order. Be able to write the words correctly and symmetrically according to the structure of the word.

    4. Oral communication: be able to use Mandarin to express a few completely meaningful and coherent sentences after reading pictures or observing things.

    5. Reading: be able to recite a specified text. Be able to understand a text content, and to imagine the context depicted in the text.

    6. Composition: learn to communicate in the topics on "congratulations", "shopping", "hospitality" and other aspects and be able to write a paragraph in sequence. Learn to use comma, period, question mark, and exclamation point.




    3、识字写字:准确认读 240个 生字。会默写出150个生字。




    Course objectives:

    1. Studying practices: develop a practice of listening and writing carefully.

    2. Chinese Pinyin: strengthen Chinese Pinyin and be able to use Chinese Pinyin to help literate, reading and learning Mandarin.

    3. Literacy and writing: be able to read 240 new words accurately and write 150 new words.

    4. Oral communication: be able to listen carefully and understand a paragraph or a conversation.

    5. Reading: be able to connect the context and life practices in order to understand the meaning of common vocabulary.

    6. Writing: be able to write sentences with learned words and to straighten out the sentences.